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What is Camouflage Tattoo


Camouflage tattoo is the process of tattooing skin discoloration using a skin tone ink or pigment to match

the healthier part of the skin. People with skin discoloration caused by stretch marks, light scars,

hypopigmentation, and on case by case basis, vitiligo. 

What is Nue Conceal


Nue Conceal is the most innovative brand for camouflage tattooing. Incorporating the art of

camouflage tattoos, the science of colour theory, and the technology of colour matching the skin. 

Why Nue Conceal


At Skin Camo, we use the Nue Conceal system, the world's leading camouflage tattoo technology.

This revolutionary system utilizes safe pigments that are carefully selected to match your skin tone,

ensuring a seamless and natural appearance.


We also use Nue Clear, an ink-less serum.

This method is great for smoothing the skins texture using medical grade, vegan ingredients.

It’s also beneficial for those not wanting, or needing, ink for religious reasons.


The Nue Conceal & Nue Clear system allows us to achieve remarkable results,

giving you the freedom to embrace your body and feel proud of your skin once again.

Nue Conceal is FDA compliant, halal certified, ISO certified, and CE certified for peace of mind.

Nue Conceal has also been featured in Forbes, Yahoo & Cosmopolitan.

Jules Grigg


Jules owns and operates The ReVamp Rooms in The Spot, Randwick.

Working with a team of experienced beauty therapists, helping clients achieve their skin goals.

The ReVamp Rooms offers clinical, non invasive medical treatments as well as traditional beauty treatments,

in a relaxed and comfortable salon environment located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Jules has over 20 years beauty experience not only in core beauty treatments,

also providing cosmedical treatments and advanced therapies that you don't find in your everyday beauty salon.

While always discovering new techniques and learning additional skills, Jules found synergies with paramedical tattooing.

Jules is the sole owner & operator of Skin Camo allowing for appointments to be made at a location convenient to you.


View our gallery of before and after images to see what can be achieved.

Jules is always happy to discuss your skin concerns, enquire now to find out more.

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